Saturday, 21 February 2009

It's a wonderful night for Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, who will WIN?


Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
Director: Danny Boyle
Actress: Kate Winslet
Actor: Mickey Rourke
Supporting Actress: Marisa Tomei
Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger
Documentary feature: Man on Wire
Foreign Language film: Waltz with Bashir
Original screenplay: In Bruges
Adapted screenplay: Slumdog
Animated film: Wall-Eeeeeeeee

Actor most like to screw up his autocue moment: Jonah Hill
Guy most likely to play up his provincial Britishness while taking the piss out of the whole thing: Ricky Gervais
Actor least likely to be presenting: Joaquin Pheonix
First Hugh Jackman joke about being Australian: within 2 minutes
Odds of Jack Nicholson in front row with girls from Vicky Christina Barcelona: EVENS
Best speech: Mickey Rourke swears and tells Kate Winslet she's the hottest Nazi ever.

And the whole thing will end in a Bollywood dance sequence, where MASSIVE SURPRISE:
Hugh Jackman's shirt comes off.


  1. Jose Mourinho Denham24 February 2009 at 10:46

    A massive Bollywood dance sequence where Hugh Jackman loses his shirt sounds much more entertaining than anything else the Oscars throw up each year (although as I haven't watched them for about 15 years I suppose I should not be allowed to comment). In fact, the only section of the Australia trailer that wasn't hopelessly awful involved him losing his shirt.

  2. haha, Mr Mourinho, I wasn't that successful on my predictions but there we go. I did see that Jackman got out of doing lyrics about Holocaust drama The Reader by singing:

    "The Reader, I haven't seen the Reader, I should have seen the Reader...."