Monday, 22 February 2010

Crazy Heart: Director's commentary

Director's commentary: a new feature where I write down some extra material I had to cut from my weekly reviews, because it slowed down the plot, or if I wanted to rant at Nicolas Cage for no reason again, or say a rude word and that.

You see, it is sort of obligatory to mention Oscar at this time of year. But I'm sick of it. If the film is interesting and worth your £5-£12, who really cares if the industry bestows gongs on its director/actor/actress/costume designer? I can do a whole other post on how I have fallen out of love with Oscar, but right now why did I say Jeff Bridges is sure to win? Well, industry observers, and people who obsess over these things, have already decided that the Academy will recognise the Crazy Heart star because of his career. He’s been around since the Last Picture Show in 1971 when he picked up his first nomination. This is his fifth, so now is his time. But the general rule goes that when belated Oscars happen they come for inferior performances, in second rate films (Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman is usually cited at this point, as is Scorcese for The Departed). Not the case here, he’s exceptionally good in this one. It’s not a shouty role, or an heroic one but he fills the shoes of his character with Roger Federer like ease. Not forgetting Maggie G as well. She’s absolutely lovely in this. It’s actually great to see a second flick, after Up in the Air, that deals with real adults having, umm, real relationships. Especially if we are going to subjected to all that nerdery from the Avatar crew.

I will tell you next week why I’ve fallen out of love with the Oscars…

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