Monday, 6 April 2009

So what's good at the moment?

People ask me this and I often can't deliver on the spot. Instead my mind usually goes blank and a picture of Nicholas Cage forms in my noggin.

So if the recession means you've cancelled those tickets at the Opera, the Apprentice is not on and your parents are using your laptop to tweet, what's on at the blimin' pictures?

Feeling cultural?: Il Divo
Paulo Sorrentino's sophisticated drama draws a wonderfully machiavellian
picture of Italian 7-times Prime Minister, Andreotti. Tony Servillo is terrific
in the lead, his characterisation is part Vampire, and part George Smiley in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. The camera work and direction is best in show.

Feeling ready to be creeped out:
Let the Right One In
All the praise you've heard for this Swedish Vampire movie is spot on. You know when
a film draws you in, with its setting, quiet characterisation, and with pure atmosphere? That's all here. It's not just horror thrills, its deals with the loneliness of teenagers, of strange sexuality; all in the snowy, bleak housing estates of 1980's Finland. And the horror is horrifying and executed brilliantly. Smells like a classic to me. And every time someone watches the American remake (due next year) instead of this original a baby dies.

Feeling like a bit of old school glamour?:

Clive Owen and Julia Roberts travel the world to random locations for no apparent reason other than pissing off Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson. Its a scam. Its twisty turny. And this is pretty good entertainment. Perfect for a tuesday night viewing.

Feeling a bit two dimensional?

Monsters Versus Aliens 3D is oingy boingy, spritey brighty. And funny. If you legally take some 5 year olds, snap on those 3D glasses and enjoy the show. Some critics have been sniffy about this, I'm not sure why: were they expecting Coriolanus?

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