Sunday, 16 May 2010

On news that: 'Charlie Kaufman did script work on Kung Fu Panda sequel'

Kung Fu Panda finds himself in a New York park

Suddenly he doesn't feel like doing a flying scissor kick.

KFP: I feel conflicted, suddenly I don't feel like doing a flying scissor kick.

A chill wind rips through the park, upsetting the day-glo Dreamworks-like setting. Kung Fu Panda sits
down by an old man playing a giant chess game on the floor and sighs. 

KFP: Oye, what does it mean to be Kung Fu Panda?

A dishevelled and fat man enters the park. He looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman wearing a panda outfit. He is carrying what looks like a screenplay with the title 'Kung Fu Panda Sequel' written on it.

The chess playing man starts to weep and colour drains from the very landscape...

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