Monday, 20 June 2011

Green Lantern review

If you’re over 30 and you don’t want to play superhero Top Trumps at the multiplex, tough titties. It is now all about who has the best pixels, the most righteous pecs and the cutest back-story. You will also need to know whose villains are best at hiding their British or Commonwealth accents and dishing out the ham. On nearly all counts it won’t be the yawnsome Green Lantern.

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  1. Hi Johhny,
    We met recently at the BBC before your interview on Brad Pitts upcoming World War Z. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to chat and was also wondering if you have had the time to watch the film I gave to you? As I mentioned briefly on the day it was written, produced, shot and edited in just 28 days as part of the 28 Days Later film challenge of 2010. We were given the rediculous title and a genre on the 1st Feb 2010 and had to have the film delivered from that brief on the 28th Feb 2010 at a length no shorter than 70 minutes. I wrote the screenplay in two weeks, shot for a week as D.O.P. and the film was edited by my co-collaborator Tim Hunt from the story we both developed.
    Please do take a look at the website at the very least where you can see the trailer and a few scenes. I would love it if you could take a look at the film and hopefully you might quite enjoy it. It is on IMDB so feel free to have a look (The Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars).
    Let me know what you think and it would be amazing to get a review. Thanks again and any questions at all, you can reach me through the website or my D.O.P. website

    Thanks for your time,

    Adrian Pinsent

    (PS Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I didnt know how else to contact you!) Keep in touch

  2. Adrian

    Thanks for getting in touch! I will have a look and be in contact. Cheers