Friday, 23 December 2011

Prometheus trailer

It's been a week of massive trailers. First up was The Dark Knight Rises second trailer, then The Hobbit, a full year before release - both well received by excited fans. It looks like Ridley Scott may have trumped both of those with a first full trailer for his new space epic, Prometheus. Now Scott is probably one of the best visual stylists in mainstream cinema, so a return to sci-fi, and to the same universe of Alien and Aliens is quite a prospect, even in a year as jam-packed with genuine blockbusters as 2012.

How about that for editing? Who says the art of trailer cutting is dead. Love the reappearance of the Space Jockey, the mysterious giant statues of humanoid faces, and the deadly gas attack on a space suited victim. Just love the look of this movie, apart from Michael Fassbender's blonde rinse.

And what can we guess of the plot from Greek mythology? Well apparently Prometheus was a champion of mankind who stole fire from Zeus. And in revenge he was tied to a rock and condemned to have a giant eagle eat his liver every day. Nice. The key part I believe is Promy was meant to have played a 'pivotal role' in the early history of mankind. Some sort of DNA seeding, mixed with a terrible biological weapon?

Sign us up Ridley, we'll be there.

Prometheus is released 1st June 2012 in the UK.


  1. This is definitely going to be a fun experience...for every Alien fan at least. I just hope it lives up to my huge expectations - chances are pretty low as they are exceedingly high. But I have faith in Ridley Scott - the perfectionist - to return to the genre he's so adept at and create something truly memorable.

  2. Here's hoping eh, fingers crossed!