Monday, 28 May 2007


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London Film Festival 2006

The Departed: Interview with Oscar Winning Producer Graham King
"Nice to see you looking well, don't we see you as a corpse in an early scene?"

The Departed Review
"Jack's Frank Costello is a rambunctious, viagra driven hoot."
"Monahan's dialogue reminds of David Mamet at times: all about the male power plays and excoriating put-downs between liquor and gunshots."

Hollywoodland: Interview with Bob Hoskins
You've played played J Edgar Hoover and now gangster Eddie Mannix, why do they always come to you for the "nice guy" roles?

"Well, I'm a short, fat, middle-aged man with a bald 'ead and you know five foot six – it's a shame! It's between me and Danny DeVito!"

Hollywoodland Review
"Ben Affleck understands the humiliation of snapping on a rubber suit for a living: who can forget Dare Devil!"

Bobby: Emilio Estevez Interview
"The word "liberal" has been turned into a four-letter word in the United States."

Bobby Review
"It's not a film with a huge amount of depth or political insight and it suffers under the weight of so many characters."

Black Book Review
"Lapses in taste and style suggest the talented director should have left some of his usual tools at home."

Little Children Review
"Extremely well played and guided by deft direction and intelligence."

For Your Consideration
"Ricky Gervais' appearance is some form of filmic karma as he could not have made The Office without This is Spinal Tap coming before it."

General Films 2006

Clerks II Review
"Now there is nothing wrong with gratuitous jiggling but it doesn’t seem right here; you half expect Charlie Sheen to show up with a camcorder and popcorn."

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
"Will find its natural home in a modern art gallery."

Thank You For Smoking Review
"For anyone who enjoys cynicism, great dialogue and Rob Lowe largin' it in a Kimono- this movie comes highly recommended."

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