Monday, 28 May 2007


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Elizabeth: The Golden Age
"Here is the story of one woman's crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the Western World. So that's Hillary Clinton dealt with, let's move on to Elizabeth: The Golden Age"

"Then there are the suitors. Foremost is the debonair Sir Walter Raleigh, (Clive Owen) who sweeps into court like Mark Ramprakash on Strictly Come Dancing."

Black Sheep Review
"It’s the woolly Evil Dead." "What can you say about a movie that balances beautiful shots of Wellington with close-ups of offal?"

Weirdsville Review
"...having apparently turned their hooker friend into a stiff, they upset a group of preppy Satan worshippers in the middle of a ritual sacrifice who are led by a man who appears to be modelled on Adam Ant."

The Kingdom Review
"...lots of shaky, close-to-the-ground, camera work and for the most part, an investigation that limps along like a bad episode of CSI."

Shoot 'Em Up Review
"This is the Jacky Chan School of whiz-bang physical humour; only with more discombobulation and eye-ball penetration by root vegetable."

The Hoax Review
"This is lovely work from the ever versatile Brit [Alfred Molina], here playing the bumbling sidekick; his rubbery face reacting to the ever fraught situations."

Transformers Review
"The thing was always the transformation sequences as robot turned into car, looking like three dozen Betamax top-loaders all ejecting at once, and folding in on them selves, at high speed, with a satisfying choink, choink, choink."

Black Snake Moan Review
"A soulful flick that lingers long and rather well."
"...despite some over the top, demonic squealing from Ricci."

Spiderman 3 Review
"Things go more than a little camp, in a scene reminiscent of The Mask. Can it be that the director of Evil Dead has been taking Joel Schumacher pills?"

Smokin' Aces Review
"Smokin' Aces has a rampant hard-on for its own coolness and there is nothing less cool than that."

East End Film Festival: Working with Pinter Review
"Outside of general release and the publicity machine, you sometimes find rare gems on the festival circuit. Working with Pinter is one of those."

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